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Do you think you know it all about fetishes? Read on to find out!

One of the most dreaded and personal questions that can be asked in a game of truth and dare is about your fetish. We all have fetishes : some which are common, some which are not as common and some which some of you might find totally weird. The important thing to remember is that fetishes in general are normal and there is nothing wrong in having a secret fantasy. Now with that out of the way, let us talk about some of the fetishes that are prevalent and some not as prevalent:

1)Spanking : in simple terms, spanking is deriving pleasure from hitting another person. It is the ass that is normally spanked. This is a reasonably common fetish and a huge turn on for quite a few sexually active people. One word of caution here is that care must be taken to ensure that your partner is not hurt in the process of spanking to the extent that it detracts from the pleasure. Spanking is also for everyone and you can often see women spanking women and men spanking men.

2)Discipline or bondage: this is somewhat related to spanking but not quite the same. Discipline or bondage – more commonly referred to as BDSM – is the act of restraining someone by the use of tapes or chains or some similar objects before making love to them. Often in such cases, the restrained person is the one who finds it a massive turn on.

3)Foot fetish: this is one of the most common fetishes in the world. It is much more prevalent among men who are often willing to shell out big bucks to fulfill their foot fantasies.

4)Used underwear: not all fetishes involve chains or body parts, some involve clothes. A used underwear fetish tends to be slightly more common among the gay population, but it is prevalent among the others too. It is the scent of the used underwear that usually acts as a stimulant.

5)Armpit: people are usually quick to classify this as something that is unheard of, but you will be surprised at the number of people – straight men and women, gay men and women, transgenders all included – who are into this. The reason why this is a common fetish is that armpit hair can somewhat mimic pubic hair in appearance and a large number of people are turned on as a result of that.

There are hundreds of other fetishes that adults enjoy. Porn videos can often be a good source of various fetishes. You should always be on the lookout for something new. Boredom is a real sex killer, new fetishes will help you derive more satisfaction from your sex life and prevent monotony.

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