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Freaky Flicks Feed Fetish Fiends

The porn world has no shortage of fuel to feed the freaks and the fetish fiends. It seems these days there is at least one fetish for everyone, and if you don’t think you have any, well maybe you just haven’t stumbled across it yet but in due time, you probably will, or rather, you hopefully will. See fetishes are quirky and can take on many different elements and subjects-they present some of the more interesting aspects of porn and for any one who has even the most remote interest in human behavior, they are definitely one of the most fascinating mysteries of human sexuality. Here are a couple of the most popular or curious fetishes that are fairly common in today’s adult movies.

Spanking: Spanking has to be one of the most common of all the fetishes. Scenes of the teacher/ student or simply the dominant and the submissive have been around for ages, even going back to the Victorian underground novel where the spanking scenes played out with a regularity that could rival any adult movie of today. Many spanking flicks revolve around the theme of men spanking men. Sometimes these scenes will include costumes made of chains, leather and even other types of bondage attire like ball gags and latex. If there is dialogue it usually consists of one man (the dominator) scolding, berating, or making sexual demands of his slave, or submissive, who so often is a disobedient or naughty boy, who secretly enjoys his flagellation even though it is usually accompanied by public humiliation (which not surprisingly, he usually is quite fond of as well).

Tickling: A relative newcomer to the list of mainstream fetishes, tickling is pretty self explanatory but is unusual in that tickling usually excites our laughter rather than our libidos. It seems that maybe the excitement generated from a tickle fest pushes some people over the edge and into a fun fetish free for all so In that sense it is quite a funny fetish (pun intended).

Fetishes are everywhere these days and could be elicited from the most mundane or the most specific objects, associations, sensations, memories, or images, etc. Fortunately with the plethora of fetish tastes out there, it is probably safe to assume that whatever your particular fetish is, you probably are not alone.!

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